• Oct 26, 2015
  • navaneeth navaneeth

Our motorcycle detailing specialist from Mumbai OCD Detail Studio,  offered special treatment for Harley Davidson motorbikes.

The treatment details

- The entire under-body, swing arm, engine and under-tail of the bike were cleaned thoroughly using strong shampoo and degreasers.

- Rims were cleaned using special wheel cleaners to dissolve and clean road grime and brake-dust.

-After deep, cleaning the rims were decontaminated of iron deposits using Gyeon Iron, a premium grade Iron Decontamination

- Tar decontamination- tar spots were removed from various parts of the body using Gyeon Tar

- Embedded and bonded brake dust residue was cleaned from the brake rotors using Gyeon Iron. Over a period of time, the sintered metal particles from the brake pads get deposited on the rotors. They start glazing, reducing the overall braking efficiency. Iron de-contamination restores the rotors to pristine condition and improves braking ability.

- Restoration of plastics and switches. Plastics which start “greying” due to pollution and oxidation were given a deep cleaning treatment followed by a special coating of Gyeon Trim, which restores and imparts long term protection to all plastic parts.

- Claying: The entire surface of the bike was clayed using Gyeon Clay and Gyeon Clay Lube to get rid of bonded surface contaminants and tree sap.
- Paint correction: All paint surface imperfections like swirls, minor scratches, oxidation etc, were removed from the paint using a 2 step paint correction treatment, restoring the paint to a “like-new” finish

- Chrome restoration: All chrome parts were cleaned with rust solvents followed by wenol red/blue to bring it back its luster and reflection

- Engine cleaning and brightening treatment: After deep cleaning, special engine brighteners were used to make the engine gleam.

- Paint protected with two layers of SiO2 based premium quartz coating Gyeon Q2 Prime.