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What’s 9H?

The 9H hardness is now one of the most talked term in car care not just in India but across the world. But in some matured markets, sellers stopped mentioning about hardness of their ceramic coating because people are more educated there on this, it may sound funny but it’s the truth. Hence the term “9H hardness” will be continue to be (miss)used until we all get educated. And, yes we are trying to do that for you with this blog

What’s Mohs?

There are two scales of hardness. The Mohs hardness scale of minerals and the pencil hardness scale.

The Mohs hardness scale of minerals is named after a famous German geologist, Friedrich Mohs, who created this scale in 1812 to determine which mineral is harder than the other. A simple test, which only shows which piece of mineral is harder than the other. 

Diamond is having 10H hardness on the Mohs scale and you need a diamond to create a scratch on a crystalized coating with 9H hardness. 

The pencil hardness scale. All of us use pencils. You surely recognise nice and soft 4B pencils, the most common HB pencils and the thin, sharp lines of 4H. 

Hardness is the capacity of a given surface to resist scratching or marring. When expressing the measurement of pencil hardness, it’s done with a value that ranges from 6B (softest) up to to 9H (hardest). The value is recorded as the hardest pencil that does not scratch or mar the surface. 

A fully dried and cured coating applied to a steel plate is being scratched with a variety of pencils at an angle of 45′. That pure metal has completely different hardness and characteristics than automotive paint. And what does this test proof? It’s just a certificate which proves that the coating can achieve the 9H hardness, that’s all. 

How important is the hardness? 

Even GYEON did two independent tests in the KTR and SGS institutes. However, they are not making a marketing tool of that. Almost every quartz/ceramic/glass coatings can reach 9H in the pencil hardness scale. 

In real life conditions, there are far more important factors than the hardness! The slickness and structural integrity of a coating is the crucial and main factor, that influences the real, every-day experience with a coating. And this is exactly what the famous cigarette lighter test proves, the way it helps in real life is that it can reduce the impact of any scratches.

Is your coating “Fire Proof”?

This is one of the most asked question these days to us by many of our customers. We used to smile at these questions.



The fire test on ceramic coating is one of the marketing gimmicks used by many guys to show something “Extra ordinary” with their brand/product. But it’s just the guts you show on customer’s car, which is “extra ordinary”, this video proves that our coatings are “Fire Proof”, which we never wanted to prove.

But the fact is that almost all the ceramic coatings are fire proof!

Please don’t fall into the trap of these fire tests, x layers (15 layers and counting 😉 ), nH hardness (>10 H) stories and hypes.

To get the best of the ceramic coating, you need three things right:

  1. Good Product – make sure that you get some reasonable quality product
  2. Good Application – your detailer should be doing the process such as Cleaning & Decontamination, Correction and then Protection religiously
  3. Good Maintenance – ask your detailer on the maintenance routines, it’s very important

GreenZ Car Care is India’s first and largest premium car care brand, we introduced ceramic coatings first time in India…

What’s Matte Paint Finish?

On a matte- finish, the clear-coat has countless microscopic dimples and dents, which prevent light from reflecting directly. Instead of shine and reflection, light scatters on the clear-coat and creates less reflective, hazier, and very unique surface which is “matte-finish”.

The challenges and solutions in matte paint maintenance

Cleaning or Washing the car – Since the paint scratch repair on matte finish cars is neither easy nor cheap, you should avoid any chances of getting the paint surface scratched or swirled. So you must take utmost care while washing or cleaning your matte finish car, hence do the washing or cleaning yourself with special matte friendly shampoos and soft microfiber products or get it done by a professional and stay away from the regular car washing guys.

We have special shampoo and QD (Quick Detailer) for matte-finish. The Angelwax matte QED is a specially formulated QD for matte-finish. Angelwax has matte shampoos which will not add any gloss to the matte-finish. 

Paint Defects – Even a single small scratch will get highlighted and stand out more on a matte surface compared to the one on a glossy surface. And you can’t just remove the scratches from matte-finish as paint correction process or polishing will turn the matte-finish to a glossy one. Hence, you will have only two options: a complete expensive repaint or live with the scratch.

Paint care for matte-finish is very different from gloss-finish. The paint should not be polished or waxed with normal wax because it will give the paint an unwanted shine. So we have special matte-finish protection products which protect the matte-finish from any kind of defects and reduce the matte-finish maintenance issues.

Angelwax has Luminosity Matte Wax, special matte wax for the protection which unlike other traditional waxes, will not add any gloss to the matte-finish. We have special coatings like GreenZ Matte Coat to protect the matte-finishes which give durability in years.

Ceramic coatings are now new trend in Detailing Industry, not just in India but across the world too. We, GreenZ Car Care introduced ceramic coating first time in India years back, but the situation has changed dramatically and the market is now flooded with “Anti-scratch” coatings and “Life-time” warranty coatings! So with this blog, we wanted to clear some confusions and over-hype created by those who wanted to utilize the situation and make a quick buck.

What’s Ceramic Coating?

First, let’s understand what ceramic coating is? Ceramic coating is also called as Glass Coating, Quartz Coating and Nano Coating. Ceramic coating is a suspension of Silicon Oxide (SiO) in a proprietary resin that cures and oxidizes as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).  Silicon Dioxide has a Mohs (Mohs is a scale used to measure hardness) hardness of 7 and a melting point of 1610 degrees Celsius.  Some coatings contain variations of polymers and Silicon Carbide (SiC) to alter the installation methods and hardness of the coating.

9H Hype

The hardness of a coating is measured in Mohs scale with pencil test, which was originally developed by pencil manufacturers as a quality control method in the early 1900’s.

The term “9H” is abused big-time these days by the ceramic coating brands, and many even have “9H” on their product name itself as a way to confuse and attract more customers. Most of these “9H” coatings offer “Life-time warranty” and “scratch-proofing” but severely failed to protect the paint from even swirls (swirls are circle like scratches seen on paint surface due to improper cleaning, please visit our car care guide for more details).

The 9H certificate for a coating is usually given by agencies like Korean Testing and Research Institute (KTR) and SGS Taiwan, which just prove that the tested coating product (if used properly with sufficient quantity and multiple layers) can achieve 9H hardness, that’s all. Which means that any kind of application will not be able to provide the same 9H hardness and a normal customer (even a detailer) never been able to verify the actual “hardness” he got from the coating.

Scratch, fire test and what not?

The gimmicks demonstrated by some coating installers, calling them coating installers not detailers because coating is just one of the option in Paint Protection stage of a complete detailing process (which consists of stages like Cleaning, De-Contamination, Paint Correction and Paint Protection) such as fire test, scratch test etc reminds you a magician not a detailer, this is nothing to do with the performance of a coating and most often done as a marketing gimmick.

What about Durability and Life-time Warranty?

These are another hypes created in the market, those brands introduced a year back in Indian market also claims “Life-time warranty” in Indian condition! A coating (or any paint protection) which can stay to maximum 2-3 years is ideal for Indian condition; paying anything beyond is non-practical in India.

8 to 12 Layers!

Before exposing the “Layer” scam, let me explain how coating will be working on the paint (or any) surface. After applying, coating bonds to the paint on a molecular level, forming a cross-linked covalent bond (hence it’s also called nano-coating) and the covalent bond is done on the electrons in the paint molecules. After 3-4 layers of coating, the available free electrons on the paint molecules will come down substantially which results no/less bonding thereafter and the 8-12 layer stories are just hypes which don’t offer any positive difference to the paint surface but negative impact on customer’s pocket!

So, what to be done?

Any coating which is not properly done or properly maintained will not last more than few months, so find a genuine detailer who uses the products and follows all the process religiously as suggested by the manufacturer and get your coatings done. Surface preparation is very important in coating and directly impact the durability of the coating.

Advantages of ceramic coatings

A properly applied ceramic coating can offer the following benefits:

  1. Excellent Durability of the Protection – Unlike other paint protection options (waxes or sealants), coatings offer more durability (in years)
  2. Measurable Thickness – Coatings can add few microns (thickness is measured in microns) to the paint surface and so most of the abuse it takes and may not go to the paint level.
  3. Hardness – Coatings are harder than any other paint protection options hence strong protection.
  4. Ease of Maintenance – The coated cars are easier to maintain as it will add dust & water repellent (hydrophobic) behaviour to the surface, which reduces the rate at which car gets dirtier.
  5. Resistant to Contamination – The coated car will have some resistance to the contamination like tree saps, bird poops, industrial pollution, tar contamination etc, it will be easy to clean them as well.
  6. High Gloss and Shine – The coated surface will become highly reflective and shiny, it adds immense gloss to the paint surface as well.

Please check our ceramic coating range which are genuine and we don’t do any over-hypes. 

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