10% discount on all packages to BMW cars

This X’mas will be merrier to BMW owners, 10% discount on all premium car detailing packages to BMW car’s only at GreenZ Car Care Network Detailers across India. This can be availed from all our network detailers across India. Contact us @ 80 5000 5999 for more details.

Collinite 845 Featured in Auto Today December Issue

Collinite 845 Auto Today Feature

Collinite 845 Featured in Auto Today December Issue. The car was washed with Angelwax Superior Car Shampoo, then clayed with Gyeon Q2M Clay. The paint was compounded using GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 350 with GreenZ Hybrid Wool Pad, then polished with GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600. using GreenZ Hybrid Orange Medium Cutting Foam Pad, then finished […]

DIY Car Care Workshop – Duster Club of India

GreenZ Car Care conducted a DIY Car Care work shop with Duster Club of India (DCi) members of Bangalore. Started with introduction of car care, various car care stages based on the GreenZ process, washing techniques, interior cleaning and protection, wheel & tyre cleaning and protection, decontamination techniques like claying, tar removal, iron contamination removal […]

Happy & Prosperous Diwali To All

GreenZ Car Care India wishes all of our customers a Happy Diwali. We have also special sales going on Diwali, please checkout our Diwali special sales here. Please check our latest products, we have best car care products.

Looking for affiliates across India

Ceramic coating application

GreenZ Car Care is looking for affiliates across India… We are looking for detailing centres and enthusiasts who wants start a detailing business to help us in promoting quality detailing across India. Interested people can contact us.

Eco-friendly Packing with re-use packing materials

Recycling paper is very important because: it saves landfill space and it reduces the amount of methane — a greenhouse gas — that is emitted from a landfill when paper products and other materials buried there decompose. For this reason, everyone should recycle paper and mills should reuse the fiber as many times as possible. Each ton […]

New Products are uploaded.

We have uploaded new products on our website, special tools, brushes, pads and lot more, please check them here. Some of the tools are as follows: GreenZ Razor Holder & 10 Blades GreenZ Razor Holder & Blades safe for scraping, cleaning, and peeling. Unlike metal razor blades, GreenZ Plastic Razor Blades will not damage surfaces, like […]