Stek Automotive

STEK is a world-class film technology developer that caters to a wide variety of both corporate and consumer needs.

Beginning with experiments in adhesives and tapes, STEK has expanded to develop reliable, innovative solutions across different industries. Our divisions proudly source the highest quality raw materials through globally recognized, reputable suppliers chiefly in the USA, while our products—ranging from paint protection films to personal protection equipment—are constantly tested and refined to maximize performance. Through high investments in research and development, we strive to address and adapt to the dynamic needs of each market.

Today, STEK distributes unique, cutting-end technologies to OEMs, businesses, and individual consumers in over 84 countries—all while building and strengthening diverse connections with partners across the globe. The mission of STEK, a portmanteau of Shield Technology, is to provide the highest degree of comfort and safety on all fronts—protecting your drive, your health, and beyond.