Car washing using two-bucket method - DIY Car Care & Cleaning


We all know the pain of seeing the swirls covered on the paint surface (swirls are seen as spider-web kind of patterns seen on the paint in sun light).

Without using proper techniques, tools and process, the car cleaning and car washing can inflict swirl marks and here is the link to our guide which explains the proper car washing technique using bucket – Two bucket method.

The two bucket car wash method is all about providing a safer car washing experience, that largely reduces the swirl marks caused by improper or outdated car wash methods. So when you reduce or eliminate that dirt from your car wash process by using this two bucket method, you avoid those swirls marks and keep your paint looking it’s best.


Two bucket wash method requires two buckets, one filled with water and the other with your car wash shampoo, a grit guard is placed in the bottom of each bucket, and a wash mitt is used.

Swirls on car paint surface


1. Car wash shampoo, don’t use dish soap or any detergents, these are having heaving chemicals in it and will be hard on rubber and paint, and it can remove your car’s wax coat (or any other LSPs)

2. Wash mitt made of sheepskin or microfiber, both are designed to pick up and hold dirt and are gentle to the paint.

3. Two buckets with grit guard (at least, in one of them).

4. A microfiber drying cloth, preferably a waffle weave towel like GreenZ Waffle weave towel.


Fill the first bucket with clean water and the second bucket with water mixed with a pH neutral car wash shampoo. Dunk your mitt into the soapy car wash solution first to wash your car with lubricating suds with no pressure and then rinse the mitt vigorously into the second bucket with clear water thoroughly. Using two buckets equipped with Grit Guards virtually eliminates the risk of transferring dirt back onto your paint! Always use straight-line motion while cleaning with wash mitt to avoid swirls. Enjoy your car washing game!

Always start the work on the vehicle from top to bottom, working in small sections, rinsing the wash mitt in your rinse bucket out before reloading with shampoo solution from the wash bucket.

A separate mitt can be used for washing wheels, we have special wheel mitts are also available for wheel cleaning.

Car washing using two-bucket method.

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