Paint Correction

Paint correction is all about removing the defects from the paint surface such as scratches, swirls, orange peel etc. The tools, techniques used will be based on the severity of the defect. We will discuss about these in detail below.


What’s Orange Peel


Orange PeelThe orange peel is a textured imperfection in a paint job and is textured like the skin of an orange; this requires smoothing of the surface by wet sanding through the clear coat and pigment layer. The surface will appear bumpy and won’t reflect perfectly. Mostly, the orange peel used to appear on panels that have been repainted, but it can also come straight from the manufacturer in some cases. The orange peel effect is caused by premature evaporation of thinner, incorrect spray gun setup (ie. low air pressure or incorrect nozzle), spraying at an angle other than perpendicularly, or applying excessive paint. And most of the time orange peel is happened because of the substandard painting job.

How to remove Orange Peel

Removing orange peel is a complex process and require special techniques, tools such as better polishing machines and process. We have these special tools for removing orange peel defect from paint. Easy way to remove orange peel is to use denim and velvet pad and aggressive compounds. Wet sanding is the widely followed process though it requires experience and expertise.

Wet sanding

Orange Peel RemovalWet sanding can be done using hand or buffing machines, sanding papers are used for hand sanding and sanding discs are used for machine sanding. Sanding papers/discs are identified by grit numbers normally ranging from 400 to 3000, where lower number being most aggressive and higher numbered ones are the less aggressive. Wet sanding should be followed by compounding which can remove the sanding marks created by the sanding process. This ensures the finish and clarity to the paint work.

Orange peel can be easily removed using GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 with GreenZ Denim Pad on a rotary polisher.GreenZ OrangePeelRemovalKit

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