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Ceramic Coatings


GreenZ Car Care is pioneer in Indian premium car care market and introduced ceramic coatings which was new to even detailers at that time! We have given trainings and technical support to various detailers across the country and now ceramic coating has become very popular in Indian car detailing market. 

Ceramic Coating collections we have are from top brands which are carefully selected which are world's top professional ceramic coatings with 9H hardness certified by KTR and SGS. 

We have ceramic coatings from Gyeon Quartz from Korea and Kamikaze from Japan apart from GreenZ own glass coatings made from our manufacturing unit in Japan. Our ceramic coatings are 9H rated and is based on latest Liquid Diamond Technology which are superior to many competitions.

The layer created by our ceramic coating is permanent nature, resistant to acids, alkalis, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, fire, corrosion and scratches. This protects and keep the original factory paint finish, makes the surface glossy, self-cleaning and super hydrophobic in nature.

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