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Ceramic Coatings



We introduced ceramic coatings in India and we have the best ceramic coatings for cars.

Ceramic Coatings used in car care are synthetic chemicals made of a Silica or a Quartz-Silane-based compound which makes chemical bonding with paint molecules. Ceramic coatings for cars are harder (9H hardness) compared to other paint protection products such as waxes or sealants.

Hardness of ceramic coating are measured on Mohs scale and ceramic coatings which are having 9H hardness are certified by agencies such as KTR and SGS. In real life conditions, there are far more important factors than the hardness! The slickness and structural integrity of a coating is the crucial and main factor, that influences the real, every-day experience with a coating.

Ceramic coatings can be layered as well, these layering will help to have even layer of coatings and can have a maximum of 3-4 layers, layering beyond this may not make much sense and proved as a waste of money and product, often the layering is used as a marketing gimmick by many brands..

GreenZ Car Care is pioneer in Indian premium car care market and introduced ceramic coatings which was new to even detailers at that time! We have given trainings and technical support to various detailers across the country and now ceramic coating has become very popular in Indian car detailing market. 

We have ceramic coatings from Gyeon Quartz from Korea and Kamikaze from Japan apart from GreenZ own glass coatings made from our manufacturing unit in Japan.

To know more about our Premium Detailing Services and Ceramic Coating Service, please visit our Premium Auto Detailing Services page.

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