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Interior Care

Interior Care

Quite often, most will neglect the interior of their vehicles and prefer to focus just on the exterior; however taking care of interior also equally important. From keeping on top your leather and fabric seats to minimising the dust on your dash we have something for you to get the job done, from cleaning; maintaining to protecting. We have quality car interior cleaning products which are chemical-free & human skin friendly.

We have latest ceramic coating products for dashboard, interior plastics, leather & fabric surfaces.

The top leather care and leather protection products we have are very gentle to the leather and the dashboard care products provide you a non-greasy matte finish. The fabric & upholstery cleaners and brushes makes the cleaning easy for DIY car care enthusiasts and professional car detailers alike. 

We stock a wide selection of air freshener's to make your car fresh and most importantly glass cleaners to improve the safety of your driving vision. We also have windshield coating which can help to maintain and clean the car’s windshield better and increase the life of the wiper blades.


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