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Polishing keeps your car’s paint healthy and looking good. This will remove the swirl marks and scratches from your vehicles’ paint. Polishing is a term used to refer the process of removing paint defects. There are different types of products to polish based on the severity of the defect on the paint, the more severe the scratches and the defects, the more aggressive products and pads required to correct it. Paint preparation is the key to getting the amazing shine finish on your car and is essential before you go for any ceramic coating, sealant or wax.

We have a good selection of pre-waxes, cleansers, glazes, best car polishes and compounds that can be used by hand or machine. These car polish products can help to bring alive and maintain the gloss of your paint.

For more information about car polishes, correct techniques and pad selection, please take look at our Polishing Techniques and Pad Selection Guide in our Car Care Guide section.

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