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Washing & Maintenance


Car washing is one of the basic and important car care activity everybody does the most. Interestingly the swirls (circular scratches) are inflicted unknowingly by you mostly during the time of washing and cleaning due to improper techniques and tools used for car washing. We have an extensive range of pH-neutral car shampoos, high-quality wash mitts, grit guards, and best drying towels and other car washing kits,  car cleaning supplies which can help car care enthusiasts like you to maintain your rides safe. Always use two bucket method to wash your car if you don’t have a pressure washer. Please refer our car washing advice page for more details.

We also have SiO2 based shampoos which will maintain and strengthen the ceramic coating protection you may have on your car.

The safe water-less car wash shampoo and rinse-less car wash shampoo we have will help you to conserve water provide a Eco-Friendly wash to your car & bikes.

We also have QD (Quick Detailing) products to maintain your vehicles and keep the look, special products for matte paint also available. If you are looking for a best car shampoo in India or other car washing products, please check our washing & maintenance products.


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