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Wheel & Tyre Care

Wheel Care

Caring wheels and tyres are very important as they are the most abused part of your car and should be cleaned and protected from environmental debris such as road salt and grit plus the effects of hot brake dust that sticks and is difficult to remove with shampoo only. Cleaning the wheels and tyre needs special cleaning products as for the protection. And dressing your tyres to keep them looking new is important to prolong the life of the rubber and we have available a variety of finish from glossy to matte. Proper wheel protection helps you to maintain the wheel easily, as you can easily wash away the break dust and other stains which may not be in the case of an unprotected wheel. We have various wheel and tyre cleaning and protection products.

We have various types of tyre shine products, the tyre coating we have is having 2-3 months of durability and better option compared to the cheap tyre dressings available in the market.

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