Skoda Octavia vRS | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver Ceramic Coating Package with 2 year warranty by GreenZ Car Care Muvattupuzha, Kerala

This Skoda Octavia vRS car was relatively new but came with a strange demand – don’t remove orange peel. We at GreenZ Car Care, remove orange peel on a reasonable level if the protection opted is our Silver package or higher. Removing orange peel can get best clarity on the paint surface but it comes with a cost by removal of substantial clear coat, hence protecting the paint surface back with good protection is important.

We used Gyeon Mohs which is phps-based glass coating and the hardest coating available in the market which is 9H certified by Korean agency KTR (Korean Testing & Research Institute) and Singapore agency SGS.



The fotos are below, hope you guys like them, please post if you have any comments/queries.

Skoda Octavia vRS Protected using GreenZ Coating in Kerala
Skoda Octavia vRS | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver Package - Muvattupuzha, Kerala 3

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