Volkswagen Vento Gyeonified using Mohs | Premium Detailing Thiruvanathapuram

Our affiliated detailer from Thiruvanathapuram (Trivandrum) applied Gyeon Q2 Mohs on this Volkswagen Vento.

Application Details:

Fully washed with Gyeon Q2M Bathe, iron & tar decontaminated using Gyeon Q2M Iron and Gyeon Q2M Tar along with Gyeon Q2M Clay, since Gyeon Q2M Clay is chemical resistant we can combine decontamination process with clay and save lots of time.

Compounded and polished using Menzerna and degreased the surface using Gyeon Q2M Prep. It’s very important to degrease the surface after polishing to remove any residue of polish and oils from the painted surface for a better bonding of the coatings.

We have defined GreenZ Car Care quality standards for our affiliated detailers to ensure the quality for our ranges of coatings like Gyeon Quartz, Kamikaze Collections, Angelwax, Collinite etc.


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