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Washing & Maintenance

Washing & Maintenance


Washing your car/bike regularly helps you to remove all the surface contaminants which can affect paint surface and damage it eventually, such as dust, dirt, bugs, road salt and iron particles. Washing the car/bike once a week is recommended, for a daily maintenance you can use Waterless Wash technique or Quick Detailing (QD) using Waterless Wash shampoos or Quick Detailing products (such as Gyeon Q2M Cure).

It is also very important to use proper techniques and tools for washing & maintenance; else it can harm your paint surface. Swirls
The swirls (circular scratches) are mainly inflicted due to improper washing & maintenance process, so it’s as simple as that improper cleaning technique itself can damage the paint of your car/bike!

If you are using hair shampoo or any other detergents to wash the car/bike, then use them for their intended use and get a good PH-neutral shampoo like Gyeon Q2M Bathe. If you are using any sponges or chamois then upgrade to a good wash mitt (microfiber or lamb’s wool) and drying towel, else the sands get trapped between the sponge/chamois and your paintwork and create damages.

When you wash, always clean the tyres and wheels first as the dirt and wheel cleaner liquid may splash onto the vehicle and you can easily wash it away when you wash the car next. Please refer our Wheel & Tyre Care section to know about the tyre & wheel maintenance details.

The washing can be done using a pressure washer which can reduce the risk of inflicting swirls further down, but those don’t have a pressure washer can follow two-bucket method.

If you are using a pressure washer, you can pre-wash with snow foam using a foam shampoo. Most of the cheap foam shampoos available in the markets are PH-heavy, so beware else they could remove the wax/sealants/coatings on your car/bike or weaken them. Use only PH-neutral foam shampoo (like Gyeon Q2M Foam) if you have any protection (wax/sealants/coatings) on your car/bike.

This helps to soften dirt and any larger particles that are on the paintwork and wheels and draw them away from the surface, in effect an initial touchless wash. You can leave the foam to cling to the car and soak for around 5 to 8 minutes depending on the weather/temperature at the time. The advantage of this is that you will remove more dirt and once rinsed off using a pressure washer this minimises the risk of inflicting marring and fine scratches rather than going straight at it with your wash mitt and grinding it into the car/bike paint.



1. PH-neutral car wash shampoo such as Gyeon Q2M Bathe, don't use dish soap or any detergents, these are having chemicals in it and will be hard on rubber and paint, and it can remove your car's wax coat (or any other LSPs)

2. GreenZ Microfiber Wash Mitt or sheepskin mitt; both are designed to pick up and hold dirt and are gentle to the paint.

3. Two buckets with Grit Guard (at least, in one of them).

4. GreenZ Microfiber Drying Towel for drying the car/bike after the wash.



Fill the first bucket with clean water and the second bucket with water mixed with a PH-neutral car wash shampoo (Gyeon Q2M Bathe) diluted as per the ratio mentioned on the bottle.Mitt
Dunk the wash mitt into the soapy car wash solution first to wash your car/bike with lubricating suds with no pressure and then rinse the mitt vigorously into the second bucket with clear water thoroughly. Keep the Grit Guard in the bucket (if there is only one Grit Guard, keep that on the bucket with clean water, which is meant for rinsing). Grit Guard
Using two buckets equipped with Grit Guards virtually eliminates the risk of transferring dirt back onto your paint!

Start the washing from top panels first and then move to the bottom ones as the lower panels are dirtiest. For stubborn spots, like bugs or tar, use the DP Road Kill Bug Scrubber to gently remove sticky contaminants without scratching. If tar spots are heavy, use our Gyeon Q2M Tar, which can dissolve the heavy tar spots at ease. Always use straight-line motion while cleaning with a wash mitt to avoid swirls. Enjoy your car washing game!

Never skip drying!

Drying your vehicle after washing is necessary to prevent water spots. Water spots are caused by mineral deposits that etch the outline of a drop of water into your vehicle’s paint. All water has minerals, whether it’s from the hose or the sky. As the water evaporates, the minerals remain on the surface and they will eventually, invariably create water spots. You can use a drying agent (diluted Gyeon Q2M Cure) for a safe and proper drying, which also fortify the weakened protection and ensure a better look.

Now wash and wax shampoos like Gyeon Q2M Bathe+ is also available in the market which is a 2-in-1 product that ensures a protection along with the washing.


It's always best to wash and dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight.
Start the washing from top panels first and then move to the bottom ones.
Use separate towels, mitts etc. for your wheels and tires, heavy contaminated areas, and lightly contaminated areas.
Always dry the car after wash to avoid any water spots.
As with all of your detailing products you want to look after them properly to prolong their life.
Don’t forget to clean the mitts and towels after the washing for a better life for them.

Microfiber Towels Care – Wash them in a washing machine and either uses a specific microfiber wash product such as Gyeon Q2M TowelWash or alternatively you can use a non-biological washing liquid around 30-40 degrees. Do NOT use any fabric softener as this will damage the microfiber and you will find that it will no longer soak up as much water as originally intended and particularly with your drying towels. Allow them to dry naturally, do not use a tumble dryer. (Check our Microfiber Care page for more details on microfiber towels and their care)

Lamb’s wool Mitts Care – After use rinses the mitt thoroughly with clean water and allows to air dry. Do not leave it in a bucket of water because as an organic product it will rot and you will find that it will fall apart after a period of time.