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GreenZ Pro Series

GreenZ Pro Series

Our Pro Series is designed for is designed for car enthusiasts who are looking for the best possible protection and the highest gloss level that can last more than 24 months. Our protection package allows the client to choose an option of preference based on additional gloss & durability. In this segment, we have the Gyeon Q2 Mohs+, Gyeon Q2 DuraBead and Kamikaze (Miyabi+ISM+Infinity wax) with a three layer. The paint correction can be single-level or multi-level based on the paint condition, the more it's severe the more complex is the correction process.

We give two-year free maintenance package along with this.

We strongly suggest this to the cars which have severe paint defects and so the correction required which may cause substantial clearcoat removal.

Our Process...

Cleaning & Decontamination Process

WHEELS & TIRES: The wheels and the tires, the inner arch of the fender are thoroughly cleaned using GreenZ Wheel Cleaner & GreenZ APC with a combination of specific internationally recommended Detailing brushes for effective cleaning. Wheel Cleaning

The wheels & tire cleaning process also includes decontamination of brake dust, iron deposit & tar using specific cleaners like Gyeon Q2M IRON and Gyeon Q2M TAR which are body safe which not only cleans but also restores the lost gloss. This process ensure your ride's wheels are free from any iron contamination and break-dust free, presence of which otherwise affect the wheel and can corrode and distorting and damaging the alloy surface.

SALT & MINERAL DEPOSIT REMOVAL, LOGO CLEANING: All the dirt, salt and mineral deposits are thoroughly removed from the body, especially from the logo using special body safe chemicals & brushes.
Logo Cleaning
CAR WASH: The body is thoroughly washed using PH-neutral shampoo like Gyeon Q2M Bathe that’s safe on paints and the coating too, and will be dried using the waffle weave towel which will ensure no further streaks are induced on the paint surface.

TAR DECONTAMINATION: Vehicles usually collect large amounts of tar and asphalt contamination during everyday use. The stronger the horsepower and the more aggressively a car is driven, these tar spots will be removed using Gyeon Q2M TAR.

CLAYING: After washing the car thoroughly to get rid of the surface contaminants, it will be later clayed using Gyeon Q2M Clay to remove any further contaminants that are bonded with the paint and were not able to get removed by washing.

After this process, you ride will be completely free from any contaminants & dirt.

Paint Correction Process

Paint Correction
Multiple steps of polishing are performed based on the condition of the paint, in order to remove the imperfections or defects from paint to restore it back to factory finish. The compounds and polishes, pads, premium plush towels & machines used are approved from OEMs & recommended from the International detailing world.

ORANGE PEEL REMOVAL:Orange Peel will be removed using our correction techniques and best-possible leveling of the paint surface will be achieved. Please refer our Paint Correction Guide for more details on Orange Peel Defect.

WET-SANDING:We do wet-sanding to correct deeper scratches and orange peel removal with the latest tools and techniques we have. Please refer our Paint Correction Guide for more details on Wet Sanding.

COMPOUNDING: Medium scratches and swirls will be removed using compounds using special pads.

POLISHING: Polishes will be used to finish the paint surface and to get a mirror finish using finishing pads.

Protection Process

We follow the process suggested by the respective manufacturers strictly & religiously when it comes with paint protection to get the best out of their paint protection products.

PREP WASH: After multiple steps of polishing are performed, it calls for a need of surgical-clean of the paint surface before any kind of protection is performed. The body will be wiped down with Gyeon Q2M PREP for proper vehicle preparation before any protection application to the paint surface.

This serves two purposes, it degreases the paint surface and removes the polish residue and the oil presented in the polishes, it also gives anti-static property, so the dust particles won't settle on the surface and makes the surface oil-free and dust-free for a perfect coating. This process is very important as a coating requires a clean and bare paint surface to do a perfect chemical bonding.

PAINT PROTECTION: After Prep Wash the paint would be protected with two-layers of the of the chosen product from the range offered - Gyeon Q2 Mohs+, Gyeon Q2 DuraBead or Kamikaze (Miyabi+ISM+Infinity wax)Paint Protection

TIRE DRESSING: The cleaned tires are dressed with water-based dresser which restores the shine and safeguards the rubber from cracking.Paint Protection Process

You can also choose our Tyre coating - Gyeon Q2 TIRE which can last 2-3 months as an add-on service if you want more durability and protection for the tyres.

EXTERIOR PLASTICS CLEANED & DRESSED: The exterior plastics are cleaned using specific plastic cleaners and later dressed with water based dresser which restores the shine and safeguards the plastic from UV rays.

We have plastic restoration product - Gyeon Q2 TRIM, which can restore the faded-plastic and protect it for more than 12 months as an add-on service.

CHROME & METAL SURFACES CLEANED AND POLISHED: All the chrome and metal surfaces are treated with metal polish like Wenol to clean and restore the gloss.

We have ad-on service, if you want to protect your ride's metal parts such as wheels, bike engine and exhaust pipes etc using Gyeon Q2 RIM

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Our Add-on Services

  • Interior Cleaning
  • Fabric Seat Protection
  • Leather Seat Protection
  • Interior Trim Protection
  • External Trim Restoration & Protection
  • Engine bay Cleaning & Protection
  • Metal Surface Restoration & Protection
  • Anti-fog Treatment
  • Windshield Correction & Protection
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Sanding & Paint Correction
  • Tyre Protection
  • Wheel Protection