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Premium Paint Protection

Exclusive Paint Protection Technology

Advantages of Paint Protection

A paint protection is the form of waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings, apart from adding extra gloss and look, adds a sacrificial layer on the clear coat sealing the paint from any external abuse based on the product used for protection. It also shows water-repellence and dirt repellence, which helps to clean the car more easily.

The durability of the protection varies from product to product, ie. from couple of months to a couple of years.

Our Paint Protection Packages

We have wide ranges of paint protection packages starting from Basic Protection with a durability of 2-6 months to Platinum Protection which is beyond 2 years. We have pure carnauba based waxes to latest technology ceramic coatings.

GreenZ Basic Series is designed for new cars and lasts for 2-6 months and we use Gyeon Q2M Cure, Gyeon Q2 CanCoat, Collinite 845 and Kamikaze Overcoat.

GreenZ Premium Series is designed for those who wanted a durability of 12 months and our free maintenance package helps the coating to go beyond 1 year. We have Gyeon Q2 Prime, Kamikaze Miyabi offered in this package.

GreenZ Platinum Series is for those who wants little extra protection and gloss level. There will be two layers which ensure more protection and gloss level, this package has Gyeon Q2 Mohs, Kamikaze Miyabi and the combination of Kamikaze Miyabi and Kamikaze ISM and can be selected based on the look over protection preferences. This also comes along with a one-year free maintenance package.

GreenZ Pro Series is the ultimate protection you ever get in protecting your car’s paint and is exclusively available through us and our authorized detailers. Three layers are covered in this package to ensure the maximum protection ever possible. We have Gyeon Q2 Mohs+, Gyeon Q2 DuraBead and Kamikaze Miyabi, ISM and Kamikaze Infinity Wax combinations are available in this range. In this package also, you can choose the protection based on your preference on protection or look. We have 2 years free maintenance package along with this.

Packages & Pricing

We have extensive range of protection packages for you to select based on your budget and protection, durability and gloss-level preferences.

Basic INR 6999/- onwards
  • For New Cars
  • Basic Protection
  • Lasts for 2 - 6+ months
  • Medium Gloss
  • -
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Premium INR13999/-onwards
  • Entry-level Coating
  • Single Layer
  • Ideal for 1-2 Year Old Cars
  • One Year Free Maintenance Service
  • 1+ Year Durability
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Platinum INR18599/-onwards
  • Two Layers
  • Increased Protection
  • Ideal For 2-3 Years Old Cars
  • One Year Free Maintenance Service
  • 2+ Year Durability
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Pro INR22599/-onwards
  • Three Layers
  • Ultimate Gloss Level
  • Best Ever Protection
  • Two Years Free Maintenance Service
  • 2+ Year Durability
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