• Wrap with 4″ or 8″ suede microfiber cloths
  • Use to apply any coating products
  • This allows you to change the applicator cloth as needed because you do not want to re-use them if you have allowed?ÌÀthe liquid glass nano particles to crystalize on a used applicator suede.
  • Also an option for removal of hazed coating when wrapped with fresh suede microfiber cloth


  • Size: 3.5″ x 1.5″ x 1″
  • Color: Stiff Blue foam with Grey ultra-soft applicator foam on applicator side


  • Wrap with MF Suede
  • Dispose of 4″ Suede and replace as needed after use with coatings
  • For larger suede used for removal of coatings immediately soak in APC/water bucket until machine wash or else dispose of to avoid particles crystallizing on towel


  • Immediately after use gently rinse applicator side of foam block, press dry, and allow to air dry completely before next use.


GreenZ Car Care

Our products are designed and made with Indian conditions in mind, so they are the best fit for Indian market and conditions. GreenZ products are designed with a Value for money car care in mind.

Our ceramic coatings are made from our manufacturing facility in Japan and our compounds and pads are from Germany.

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