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DP Graphene Quick Detailer


DP Graphene Quick Detailer is formulated with graphene for excellent gloss, slickness and hydrophobicity. After DP Graphene Quick Detailer has cleaned away surface contaminants, your vehicle will have that ‘just detailed’ look. DP Graphene Quick Detailer comes in the ease of spray, making detailing your car as simple a spray and wipe!

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DP Graphene Quick Detailer has advanced cleaning powers that cut through dirt, grime, and grease with ease. This gets your surface ready for the three bonus factors that you get with the uniquely added graphene-oxide infusion. And those are unmatched gloss, slickness and hydrophobicity. The graphene and hydrophobicity allow for harder, more heat resistant protection, but also protection against water from sticking around and creating etched in water spots.

Your end result will be a freshly detailed looking car, with amazing water beading and optimal shine. Your vehicle will look as though you spent hours of painstakingly intricate detailing, when in reality, it only took you a few minutes and a few spritzes.

As powerful as DP Graphene Quick Detailer is, you’d except it be a long and complicated process, right? Wrong! DP Graphene Quick Detailer is just that, quick. Coming in the convenience of a spray bottle, DP Graphene Quick Detailer is done in just a few fluid movements. All you have to do for this quick detailer is spray DP Graphene Quick Detailer directly onto the surface, wipe on with a microfiber towel and then flip the towel to a new side and buff away. Be kind with DP Graphene Quick Detailer because a little goes a long way. Best of all, DP Graphene Quick Detailer is non-streaking, so your surface will always end up looking sleek.

-Shake well before use.
-Spray DP Graphene Quick Detailer directly onto the surface, a little goes a long way.
-Wipe on using a clean microfiber towel.
-Flip to a fresh side of your towel and buff surface to a high shine.

12 oz.



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