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GreenZ White BOA Towel

GreenZ White BOA Towel

GreenZ White BOA Towel

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GreenZ White BOA Towel is a 500 gsm towel, made with fibers, developed to suit even the softest paints on the market. This towel is extremely thick, but gentle fibers are perfect for wiping coatings and all types of quick detailers and spray sealants. It’s the perfect choice for applying sealants and waxes. It has an edge-less finish which makes the towel ultra-safe.

The GreenZ White BOA Towel is fabricated using the most advanced laser-cut technology, making edge-less microfibers very durable against wear.

One of the best plush towel you can find.

Please check our microfiber towel guide for more details of microfiber towels, towel care and different types of towels and their usages.

Blend: 70:30 (Polyester:Polyamide)
Weight: 500 gsm
Edge: Edge-less (Lacer Cut)
Size: 40×40 cm


GreenZ Car Care

Our products are designed and made with Indian conditions in mind, so they are the best fit for Indian market and conditions. GreenZ products are designed with a Value for money car care in mind.

Our ceramic coatings are made from our manufacturing facility in Japan and our compounds and pads are from Germany.

GreenZ White BOA Towel

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