InstaFinish Super APC (All Purpose Cleaner)


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InstaFinish Super APC is a water-based cleaner/degreaser which can be used on both interiors and exteriors. Its special blend of alkalis and surfactants loosen and remove stubborn dirt and grime. A high penetrating foam lifts and holds soil in suspension for easy rinsing. Water-soluble solvents dissolve grease and tar. Extremely versatile product that effectively cleans engines, grillwork, rocker panels, rubber, plastic, vinyl, upholstery & carpeting.

Fabric cleaning: 1:10
General Cleaning: 1:8
Wheel Cleaning: 1:6
Engine Bay: 1:5

Keep away from children.
Only for professional use.

Made in USA



Instafinish is a US manufacturer for professional grade car care and car cleaning products.

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