Kamikaze ISM Coat


Kamikaze ISM Coat


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Kamikaze ISM coat is non-solvent, VOC free, and non-flammable Hydrocarbon coating designed to give the deepest, glossiest looks whilst being very easy to apply and supremely durable.

Regardless of paint colour, Kamikaze ISM Coat will give a real rich, waxy and deep gloss that is resistant to water spotting unlike so many other glass coatings. You may have forgotten how black your plastic trims were once, let ISM Coat bring that deep colour back and protect it. To top all of that off Kamikaze ISM coat is durable, properly applied you can expect 24-36 months of durability.

Excellent water repellence and amazing water beading and application is a breeze. Because the curing process isn’t relying on strong solvents, the process is more like a traditional wax, making it far easier to apply uniformly on darker coloured vehicles.


  • Thoroughly clean the surface and strip any previous waxes, sealants, or quick detailers by usingåÊGyeon Q2M Prep.
  • Drop a couple of drops of ISM Coat onto a cotton applicator, apply to the paint surface in a straight line, on a criss-cross manner.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes before removing (You should be able to apply to 2 sections (i.e. quarter panel and door) before starting the removal process. If in high humidity conditions, or if you find the removal to get a bit sticky, then shorten your time before removal.)
  • Wipe over with aåÊmicrofiberåÊtowel.
  • If you allow the product to sit too long, and it becomes sticky or tacky during the removal process, then just apply more product onto that section, and remove it immediately.
DURABILITY: 24-36 months

åÊThis is a professional product, so please contact us for buying.




Kamikaze is a Japan manufacturer of ceramic coatings and other car care products.

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