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Best ceramic coating for car which repels water and dirt.

Kamikaze Miyabi is Japanese for elegance and refinement, it’s pure 95% Sio2 glass coating & primer layer coating.

Kamikaze Miyabi uses the ingredient silane and provides a harder, and more brilliant shine than ISM COAT (ISM has a more wax-like gloss), and is extremely easy to apply and remove. Durability for proper application is expected at 18-24 months.

Ultimate low molecular with non-solvent & VOC-Free.

Most of the traditional glass coatings on the market are susceptible to water spotting, but Kamikaze Miyabi Coat has more resistance to water spots. If you’re looking for incredible water beading then Miyabi Coat will certainly please you. .


  • Thoroughly clean the surface and strip any previous waxes, sealants, or quick detailers by using Gyeon Q2M Prep.
  • Drop a couple of drops of Miyabi Coat onto a cotton applicator, apply to the paint surface in a straight line, on a criss-cross manner.
  • Wait for 10-20 minutes before removing (You should be able to apply to 2 sections (i.e. quarter panel and door) before starting the removal process. If in high humidity conditions, or if you find the removal to get a bit sticky, then shorten your time before removal.)
  • Wipe over with a microfiber towel.
  • If you allow the product to sit too long, and it becomes sticky or tacky during the removal process, then just apply more product onto that section, and remove it immediately.

This is a professional product, so please contact us for buying.

DURABILITY: 24-36 months



Kamikaze is a Japan manufacturer of ceramic coatings and other car care products.

Kamikaze ceramic paint coating

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  1. Anand Agarwalla

    Recently I completed detailing of my Audi Q3 and used Miyabi as final coat. My Audi has Glaciar White colour. It has very good coverage and one bottle of 30 ml is sufficient for large area of a SUV. Much better than Q2 Mohs.

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