Kamikaze Over Coat is a spray sealant and can also be used as a quick detailer. This can also be worked as ultimate sacrificial coating layer for your paint. Developed in Japan, Over Coat is easy to apply and can be used on paint, glass, plastic trim and rims. Its ingredients are water based, non-solvent and non-polymer based. And if you haven’t quite had the chance to perfectly correct your paint then Kamikaze can help you out with the siloxane and hard resin which will conceal light swirls and hazing.

Kamikaze Over Coat can easily be applied to a wet or dry surface ideally over a good base layer like ISM Coat or Miyabi Coat and should give you as much as 6 months of protection. Speaking of protection, this will include amazing water beading on all types of coatings on your car. It’s fair to say this is one of those impressive products that come along and you’re not sure how you ever did without it.


To apply Over Coat onto a dry vehicle, lightly spray onto a plush microfiber towel and buff onto the surface. If the vehicle is wet, apply a light spray onto the panel before drying with a drying towel.

Although applied by hand, Kamikaze Over Coat can be applied by machine polisher on non-coated/non-clearcoat paints with caution using a soft finishing pad and on a slow speed.

DURABILITY: 3-6 months



Kamikaze is a Japan manufacturer of ceramic coatings and other car care products.

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  1. Chinmay Sahoo

    I was really stunned by the gloss level I got from this product, never expected this kind of output from a spray sealant. Kamikaze Overcoat is very easy to use product and provide an excellent result. It stayed more than 4 months and a value for money products without any doubt.

    Was little concerned as it’s little expensive than other options, read some reviews and then decided to try. You can even use this on a wet surface also. Don’t leave it to dry as it may create patches and you don’t need to buff also.

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