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Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate

Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent

Micro-Restore Microfiber Detergent Concentrate

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Micro-Restore is the solution to maintaining the performance of your microfiber towels, use after use, wash after wash. Microfiber towels are machine washable. Many are washed with regular detergents which cannot break down the wax, oil, and polish residue that microfibers trap. Micro-Restore allows the microfiber to release these residues safely with a special blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, chelating agents, and water softeners. Many regular wash soaps have added softeners or scents that clog microfiber’s heavily textured surface. Micro-Restore does not. It keeps microfiber towels performing like new!

Micro-Restore is an optimized blend of chelating agents, surfactants, and builders in an aqueous system. It provides excellent cleaning performance to effectively remove stubborn soils and oily residue from microfiber, cotton and chamois material. Micro-Restore emulsifies dirty motor oil, greasy soils, car wax and protein stains, and suspends them for complete removal in the rinse cycle. Restores like new performance through several hundred cleanings.

Why is Micro-Restore better than your common household detergent?
Micro-Restore is better than your common household detergent because most detergents and laundry soaps have some form of bleach and fabric softener included in their formulas (even when they say they don’t there are small traces). Over time bleach breaks down the micro-fibers, and fabric softeners clog the microscopic pours that make microfiber so effective, rendering the microfiber product less effective with each washing.

Not only will Micro-Restore extend the life of your microfiber, but it’s special blend of chelating agents, surfactants, and builders will more effectively remove the heavy residue (wax, oil, grease, break dust, and other chemicals) that becomes implanted in microfiber products when used in heavy cleaning situations (car care).

Directions: Add 2 ounces to standard size (8 gallon) loads. For larger loads or heavily soiled laundry, add 3-6 ounces. As a prespotter: dilute 1 part concentrate with 3 parts water. Apply to stain and launder as usual.



One invention leads to another. Computers changed the way people do business, but then an entire workforce of IT professionals was spawned to maintain the computers. You make something new and new demands arise. Such is the case with microfiber.

This amazing fabric has revolutionized the simple act of buffing a car with its engineered blend of fibers. It cleans, buffs, and polishes like no other fabric out there! But, like many new inventions, it created a demand for something to maintain it. Ordinary laundry detergents just don’t do the trick. They can be either too aggressive or too soapy for microfiber’s unique construction. Some are too weak to effectively remove all the oils and grime that microfiber holds.

Micro-Restore was created to clean microfiber right. It penetrates the dense weave to release residues that laundry detergent can leave behind. It was the first detergent created specifically for microfiber. It leaves microfiber towels clean, soft, and just as effective as the day they were purchased. Micro-Restore doesn’t just clean microfiber, it restores microfiber!

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