Poka Premium Pad Cleaning Brush


Poka Premium is a brand that focused only on detailing accessories, you can use this brush to clean the pads during polishing.

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Poka Premium Brush for Pads is a premium mini brush with synthetic bristles suitable for cleaning polishing pads.

Poka Premium Brush for Pads is certainly one of the most attractive brushes designed specifically for cleaning polishing pads. Medium-hard synthetic bristles are fitted into a solid wooden handle treated with clear lacquer.

The ergonomic handle and medium-long bristles of a medium-hard character in one row are absolutely ideal for efficient and at the same time gentle cleaning of any polishing pads, whether it is foam, microfiber or wool.

Dimensions: 130x6x40 mm
Length of bristles: 23 mm


Poka Premium

Poka Premium is a manufacturer of high quality car detailing equipment and practical solutions for auto detailing and car wash equipments organising. Their products are inspired by the need to organize workplace and modern design. In order to meet the needs of their customers, Poka Premium create individual designs and designs.
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