WORK STUFF Gentleman Basic 5-pack


Work Stuff Gentleman Basic 5-pack – edgeless, high-quality microfibres.
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Work Stuff Gentleman Basic 5-pack – edgeless, high-quality microfibres.

Size: 40 x 40 cm

Weight: 350 gsm

Main features:

  • laser cut edges
  • dense and delicate microfiber (made in Korea)
  • high weight (actual weight)
  • 5 pieces per pack

Suggested use for working with: Coatings, Polish, QD, QW, Sealants, Waxes, etc.

Work Stuff Gentleman Basic is an unrivalled luxury fiber available for everyone!

We recommend washing the product before the first use.

Please check our microfiber care guide for better life of your microfibers



Work stuff brand - car detailing accessories and utensils

Established in Poland in 2017

Detailing Professional at heart and having searched the entire market for quality detailing products, he ended his search soon after and decided to make his own brand and provide the detailing industry with high quality detailing products made in Poland.

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WorkStuff Detailing Brushes

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Weight .3 kg

Grey, Purple, White


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