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GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 is an extremely high abrasive compound designed to work on the toughest paint defects like orange peel and 1200 or finer sanding marks with low dust and high...
Rs. 3,199.00(Including GST)

GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 is an extremely high abrasive compound designed to work on the toughest paint defects like orange peel and 1200 or finer sanding marks with low dust and high yield.

GreenZ Car Care introduces a two-step approach for paint correction. In ideal situations, you could remove all paint defects with minimal loss of paint thickness and achieve best gloss in just two-steps and saves lots of time and paint. The secret is our Xtreme Cut 350 can also leave a good finish after an extreme cut, and you can directly go to our UltraFinish Polish 4500 for a final finish. If the paint defects are moderate, you can start with our Heavy Cut Compound 600 and follow our UltraFinish Polish 4500 for a final finish which makes the paint correction a true two-step process.

GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 can take the orange peel off by using with Denim Pad.

GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 is designed for Ceramic Coating with zero silicon fillers and low-oil formula.

The ceramic coating requires clean paint surface to have better chemical bonding between paint molecules and coating molecules, presence of oil or fillers will make coating molecules bonded with them instead of paint molecules and hence the durability of the coating will get affected. Most of the compounds & polishes in the market contains heavy oils which affect the coating durability.

This powerhouse eliminates scratches, over-spray and pronounced signs of use quickly and thoroughly. Best price-performance ratio.

Unlike other competition products, GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 leaves a nice finish after the heavy correction, hence you could directly go to GreenZ UltraFinish Polish 4500 for the final finish which makes the entire paint correction a true two-step process and saves lots of time.


+ Fast removal of P1200 or finer sanding marks
+ Levels orange peel
+ High productivity
+ No dust formation


Step 1
Pair GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 with GreenZ Denim Pad or Velvet Pad on rotary polisher for orange peel removal. For heavy paint defects, use with GreenZ Compressed Wool Pad or GreenZ Hybrid White Heavy Cutting Foam Pad. Continue to Step 2 in case of dark colour paints and for others, skip Step 2 and goto Step 3 directly.

Step 2
For removing medium paint defects & scratches, swirls and compounding haze, follow up with GreenZ HeavyCut Compound 600 & GreenZ Hybrid Orange Foam Pad on DA polisher.

Step 3
Refine the paintwork using GreenZ UltraFinish Polish 4500 and GreenZ Hybrid Black Finishing Foam Pad on DA polisher to achieve outstanding gloss level and a mirror finish.

+ Shake well before each use
+ Always do a test section before using for first time
+ Work on a 2X2 ft. area at a time

In the case of eye contact, immediately flush the eye with plenty of clean water and get a medical attention.
For Skin: Use a suitable barrier cream and wash throughly at the end of each use.
If Swallowed: Do not induce vomiting, visit a physician immediately.

Cut Level: 10/10
Gloss level: 6/10

1 Kg.


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Best Compound ever tried!!!

GreenZ XtremeCut 350 is an amazing product, this corrects very deep scratches at ease and also leave a surprisingly fine finish. I couldn't believe my eyes about the finish it leaves!

This compound doesn't leave any dust or residue and there won't be anything to wipe. The low-oil formula makes this ceramic coating friendly and this is the only such compound available in the market. I suggest this strongly and every detailer should try this product.