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Gyeon Q² Mohs is designed to give the best protection and amazing glow to your vehicle. Gyeon Q² Mohs is a new-generation quartz hybrid coating based on the latest low...
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Gyeon Q² Mohs is designed to give the best protection and amazing glow to your vehicle.

Gyeon Q² Mohs is a new-generation quartz hybrid coating based on the latest low volatile silicon (Si) technology and perhydropolysilazane (PHPS). The main differences Gyeon Q² Mohs has over it's competitors it contains no alcohol, and it does not flash off quickly once applied, which makes the application and wipe-off easier and smoother. And unlike other glass coatings, it forms an amorphous solid (without pores) when it cures, which results in substantially harder and durable protection for your car.

Many tests proved it's capacity to resist heavy chemicals compared to any competitor products and more durable and scratch resistant with the hardest protection on your car paint.

Gyeon Q² Mohs is a state-of-the-art quartz coating developed in Japan, that simultaneously protects and enhances the appearance of car paint. The Gyeon Q² Mohs coating makes the car paint surface extreme hydrophobic, that makes the water to bead-up and roll off very quickly. This helps to wash away fresh contaminants. Apart from this strong self-cleaning effect, Gyeon Q² Mohs also provides excellent protection against bird droppings, bug splatter, road grime and harmful UV radiation for up to eighteen months even on daily driving cars.

Gyeon Q² Mohs won the runners-up award in Detailing World 2014 Product of the Year in Sealant category.

Hardest Coating Ever Developed
Q² Mohs is the hardest automotive paint coating available to a wide range of users. Given the average automotive paint hardness which lies within the range of 3-4H according to the Mohs scale, Q² Mohs adds up further 3H, which makes the paint extremely resistant to scratches. Extra-ordinary hardness of the coating preserves effects achieved during the paint correction and is synonymous to a much slower paint degradation during maintenance.

Self Cleaning Abilities
A self-cleaning ability vouches for impeccable appearance of a vehicle between consecutive washes, as it drains most pollutants in a very simple way. Hence, the maintenance of a car itself becomes completely trouble-free and most contaminants may be removed by pressure washing.

Easy To Apply
Q² Mohs is easy to apply also on dark colored paints. Each added layer will improve durability and the scratch resistance. The product should be applied only on paint in very good condition, new or just after a paint correction.

Thick and Barely Shrinking
As opposed to the majority of coatings present on the market, Q² Mohs demonstrates the lowest shrinkability parameters. Whereas most coatings shrink from 0.2 up to 0.03 micron, the shrink ability of Q² Mohs does not exceed the level of 5%, while its thickness - 0.2 microns as registered just after application, drops to 0.19 when fully dried. Traditional protective products such as wax or polymers do not display any measurable thickness whatsoever.

Very Durable
Durability is one of most salient merits of the product. It is able to maintain 80% of its original hydrophobic properties and to last on the paint throughout the period of at least 12 months, thus being a guarantor of optimum car protection against environmental factors and exploitation conditions. If juxtaposed with waxes, even the top-performing ones, it is three times longer.

DURABILITY: >12months / 20K km
THICKNESS: 0,2 - 0,5qm

Kit contains: Q2 MOHS 30/50/100 ml, Q2M CURE 100 ml, Manual, Applicator, 4 Suede cloths, Facemask

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 Gyeon MohsQ2  Mohs

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Amazing Gloss

I have used Gyeon Q2 Mohs on my brand new white Merc C Class and I found the gloss-level increased day-by-day and got amazing level of gloss. The ease of use of this product is remarkable. Almost a DIY-friendly product. Being a Japan make product, no doubt on the quality.

Special mention to the technical support I got from Greenz Car Care India, never expected this kind of support from a seller, great job guys!