Porsche 911 Targa 4S Gyeonified with Mohs | Porsche Car Detailing India

GreenZ Car Care Detailer Cochin detailed and given a premium care to the mighty Porsche 911 Targa 4S. Washed the car using Gyeon Bathe and decontaminated using Gyeon Tar and Iron. Polished and prepared for coating, applied two layers of Gyeon Mohs and one more delighted customer! This is the first ever Porsche car got Gyeon treatment.  Let’s […]

Gyeon Q2 Mohs on BMW – Paint Protection | BMW Car Detailing India

OCD Detail Studio Mumbai, experts in premium motorcycle and car detailing done a premium car detailing on a BMW 3 Series Process We followed the following process: Washed the car using Gyeon Q2M BATHE and dried thoroughly.Tar decontamination using Gyeon Q2M TAR and Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q2M IRON.Clayed using Gyeon Q2M CLAY with  Gyeon Q2M CLAY […]