Actor Tovino Thomas’s Audi Q7 | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver – Kottayam, Kerala

Actor Tovino Thomas’s Audi Q7 | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver by Our Kottayam Center in Kerala Tovino Thomas is one of the very popular actor in Malayalam film industry, he contacted us to reclaim the beauty of his beast Audi Q7. Our detailing process will be driven by four phases such as Interaction Phase, Inspection Phase, Planing […]

Skoda Octavia vRS | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver Package – Muvattupuzha, Kerala

Skoda Octavia vRS | GreenZ Infinity Coat Silver Ceramic Coating Package with 2 year warranty by GreenZ Car Care Muvattupuzha, Kerala This car was relatively new but came with a strange demand – don’t remove orange peel. We at GreenZ Car Care, remove orange peel on a reasonable level if the protection opted is our […]

Triumph Gyeonified using Prime | Premium Motor Cycle Detailing Mumbai, India

Our affiliated detailer from Mumbai, OCD Detail Studio applied Gyeon Q2 Prime on this Triumph Speed Triple. Application Details: Washed with Gyeon Q2M Bathe, iron & tar decontaminated using Gyeon Q2M Iron and Gyeon Q2M Tar along with Gyeon Q2M Clay. Done the following steps: – Deep cleaning using APC and degreaser.– Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q2M Iron– Tar decontamination using […]

Harley Davidson Gyeonified with Prime | Harley Davidson Motorcycle Detailing India

Our motorcycle detailing specialist from Mumbai OCD Detail Studio,  offered special treatment for Harley Davidson motorbikes. The treatment details – The entire under-body, swing arm, engine and under-tail of the bike were cleaned thoroughly using strong shampoo and degreasers. – Rims were cleaned using special wheel cleaners to dissolve and clean road grime and brake-dust. […]

Porsche 911 Targa 4S Gyeonified with Mohs | Porsche Car Detailing India

GreenZ Car Care Detailer Cochin detailed and given a premium care to the mighty Porsche 911 Targa 4S. Washed the car using Gyeon Bathe and decontaminated using Gyeon Tar and Iron. Polished and prepared for coating, applied two layers of Gyeon Mohs and one more delighted customer! This is the first ever Porsche car got Gyeon treatment.  Let’s […]

Kamikaze Inifinity Wax on – Paint Protection | Chevrolet Cruze Car Detailing India

Kamikaze Infinity Wax is made out of 53.7% Brazilian Yellow Carnauba Wax and 39.2% Made in Japan Glass Coating + Additive.  It is a unique state-of-the-art technology by combining the hand blend luxury carnauba wax for high gloss and high durable inorganic glass coating of Japan which can give more than a year of protection.    

Protecting your vehicle without visiting a professional – DIY Car Care

GreenZ Car maintenance product

Yes, you can protect your vehicle by yourself even without visiting a professional! We have lots of DIY products, which you can use to protect your vehicle. Gyeon Q2 Cancoat is only DIY-safe ceramic coating available in the market. Gyeon Q2 CanCoat is the first real ‘coating in a can’ which provides excellent ease of application combined with the […]