Trainers in GreenZ Detailing Academy are real professional detailers with 1000+ car detailing hours experience who set the standards for the industry. And many of our competitions learned & heard detailing from us.

Our comprehensive detailing training program provides you the in-depth knowledge and acquire the secrets of premium auto detailing. We help you to become an expert in all auto detailing related subjects including technical, marketing, operation.

You will complete training with confidence and knowledge that helps you to start a successful career in car detailing. The auto-detailing training sessions are taken by our certified trainers having rich experience in premium auto detailing.

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Association with us opens up a world of opportunity for your business. You get benefitted from our years of experience and knowledge and gives you access to the latest & premium auto care products.

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Welcome to the world of Elite Detailing!

Automotive detailing is the process of thoroughly cleaning, enhancing, restoring and protecting all parts of a vehicle, in order to keep it looking its very best and retain much of its value. Detailing differs from average car wash or car polishing because of the levels of involvement, the time spent, the tools & products used and the quality of results that are achieved by the end of the process.

We started with car detailing services in 2010 & established India’s 1st online premium car care store in 2012. We introduced ceramic coating concept first in India by bringing car care brands like CarPro, Gtechniq, Nanolex, Gyeon etc. Our Detailing training academy was started in 2013.

With availability of cutting edge global technology & customer service,  we  have established a reputation as trusted brands in car detailing, body shop services, servicing, paint protection films etc.

We have our manufacturing facilities in Germany, Japan & Taiwan and our service network is growing across India.

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The following trainings are offered and our shadow & reverse-shadow support will help you refine your knowledge and make you confident  in auto detailing.


2 – 4 Days


INR 20,000* per day per person
Location: Bangalore/Hosur/Kottayam

Training Topics

Module I

  • Introduction
  • What’s Detailing
  • Process Overview
  • Microfiber Towels & Care

Module II

  • Four Ways of Car Washing
  • Cleaning Techniques & Tools
  • Claying & Decontamination Techniques
  • Water spots and Removal
  • Interior Detailing

Module III

  • Car Paint Overview
  • Base-coat/Clear-coat Paint System
  • Paint Inspection & Analysis
  • Paint Condition Categories & Defects
  • Polish-ability & Risks
  • Paint Correction Techniques
  • Orange Peel & Removal
  • Compounds, Polishes & Pads
  • Backing Plates, Detailing Brushes
  • Polishing  Machines & Tools

Module IV

  • Paint Protection Overview
  • Paint Protection Processes
  • Waxes, Paint Sealants & Application
  • Ceramic Coating Technology & Application
  • PPF & Wrap Overview

Module V

  • Maintenance Process
  • Sacrificial Layer & Sealants
  • Maintenance Kits

Module VI

  • Marketing & Branding Techniques
  • Customer Handling
  • 10H Hardness Mysteries & Layering hypes
  • Interpersonal Skills & Organizational Skills
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GreenZ Affiliation

Different levels of engagement which can help you to connect with us better

We appreciate your support, once you complete 6 months of your first purchase and completed order worth INR 9,500, and able to order products worth INR 2,000 in every six months, then you are eligible to get your account upgraded to Loyal Customer.

If you are having a detailing business and already purchased products worth INR 5,000 and can make a monthly minimum order of INR 5,000, you can become our detailer customer.

GreenZ Car Care affiliation program is created for professional car detailers who want to upgrade themselves and join our team. This program is designed  with a focus on providing car detailing training including necessary product knowledge and technical & process support to ensure service quality and business success.

We support our affiliates by providing business referrals, periodic training and product/process upgrades, branding and marketing support etc.