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Ceramic Coating Products for Car Paint

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Ceramic coating is the latest technology in car paint protection. Ceramic protection is great protection for your car that lasts far longer than any wax or sealant, many coatings are given 9H hardness certificate by SGS. These coatings are also know as nano coating or glass coating or quartz coating. The major component of these coatings are SiO2, hence they are also called as SiO2 coatings.

Nano coating products protect paint surface from scratches; leather and fabric seats from staining; dashboard from UV exposure; restore plastic and protect from greying. Glass coating can also be used as rain repellent coating on car windshield which ensures better visibility during rain.

In India GreenZ Car Care introduced ceramic coating products and we have good collection of world’s best paint coatings hand-picked by our experts. We have the best quartz coatings in the world which can protect your cars and motorcycles for years not months. All our coatings are genuine and we won’t over-hype or over-claim.

Please read our ceramic car coating article to know more.


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