GreenZ Polishing System



GreenZ Polishing System


GreenZ Polishing System has a two-step approach for paint correction. In normal situations, you should be able to remove all paint defects with minimal loss of paint thickness and achieve best gloss in just two-steps and saves lots of time and paint using our polishing system based on adaptive abrasive technology TM.

The secret is our Xtreme Cut 350 which can also leave a good finish after an extreme cut, and you can directly go to our UltraFinish Polish 4500 for a final finish. If the paint defects are moderate, you can start with our Heavy Cut Compound 600 and follow our UltraFinish Polish 4500 for a final finish which makes the paint correction a true two-step process.


Paint correction is the process of removing surface scratches and imperfections from a vehicles paintwork, it is important to distinguish between true paint correction and hiding the surface imperfections with heavy fillers. There are also polishes with heavy oil contents which illusion extra gloss. All these products are not compatible with ceramic coatings and can shorten the durability of the coating substantially.

The ceramic coatings require clean paint surface to have better chemical bonding between paint molecules and coating molecules, presence of oil or fillers will make coating molecules bonded with them instead of paint molecules and hence the durability of the coating will get affected. Most of the compounds & polishes in the market contains heavy oils which affect the coating durability.


For heavy paint defects, use Xtreme Cut 350 with either GreenZ Compressed Wool Pad or GreenZ Hybrid White Heavy Cutting Foam Pad based on the severity of the defects.

Xtreme Cut 350 is a water-based high cutting compound that effortlessly removes deep swirls, scratches etchings, oxidation and other tough defects and the fastest cutting compound available today.

Once completed with  Xtreme Cut 350, can directly go to refine the paintwork using GreenZ UltraFinish Polish 4500 with GreenZ Hybrid Black Finishing Foam Pad on DA polisher to achieve outstanding gloss level and a mirror finish.

GreenZ Ultra Finish Polish 4500 is the next generation of Nano Polish based on our adaptive abrasive technology TM that quickly removes light imperfections and holograms and provides absolute shine. GreenZ Ultra Finish Polish 4500 is absolutely free from fillers with less oils and dust and designed for ceramic coating preparation which acts as a primer and helps better bonding of ceramic coating molecules.


For medium paint defects, use GreenZ HeavyCut Compound 600 with  GreenZ Hybrid White Heavy Cutting Foam Pad or GreenZ Hybrid Orange Medium Cutting Foam Pad on DA polisher based on the severity of the defects.

GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600 contains twice as much milled Aluminium Oxide as found in Intensive polish so is capable of removing even heavy defects. GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600 is a true compound that finishes better than most medium-cut polishes. it delivers a better working time than any competition product which is good for professional detailers.

This process can be enough for light coloured cars especially on soft-paints and use HeavyCut Compound 600 as a single-step and can directly go to the protection step. For dark coloured cars and hard-paints, can directly go to refine the paintwork using GreenZ UltraFinish Polish 4500 with GreenZ Hybrid Black Finishing Foam Pad on DA polisher to achieve outstanding gloss level and a mirror finish.


Orange peel is a textured imperfection in a paint job and is textured like the skin of an orange; this requires smoothing of the surface. The surface will appear bumpy and won’t reflect perfectly. Mostly, the orange peel used to appear on panels that have been repainted, but it can also come straight from the manufacturer in some cases. Orange peel removal is normally done using wet-sanding and is a complex process and require special techniques and tools. Orange peel can be easily removed using GreenZ Xtreme Cut Compound 350 with GreenZ Denim Pad on rotary polisher.

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