Microfiber Towel, Auto Detailing Brushes & Tools

We have best microfiber towels & detailing brushes for professional car detailing as well as DIY car care.

We offer a large selection of special top-quality microfiber towels for every single detailing you are going to do. Microfiber is a blend of two fibers, polyester and polyamide. The polyester gives the material strength and durability, the polyamide allows the fabric to be tremendously absorbent and quick drying.

Proper detailing brush is very important for auto detailing,  after many years in the auto care industry, here are the finest brushes and applicators  we have chosen from different manufactures across the globe. These detailing brushes will make your life easier, make the job go faster, and produce better results.

Car detailing tools, polishing machines we have are the best quality at best prices.