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Four Star Ultimate Car Care Products

Four Star Ultimate products are a collection of detailer-friendly car care products created with water-based polymers at the nucleus. These polymers are the latest surface enhancement technology; they offer tremendous shine and they are gentle on automotive surfaces.

Water-based polymers are valued for their reflectivity and wet-looking gloss. They last just as long if not longer than solvent-based polymer products, yet the water-based polymers are safer for automotive surfaces and for the user.

Four Star’s Ultimate Series includes products for every facet of car care, including paint cleansing and protection, tire and wheel care, and leather care. All Four Star Ultimate products take advantage of the latest technology to bring out the best possible finish with none of the drawbacks of natural or solvent-heavy products.

At the center of the Four Star product line is Ultimate Paint Protection, a synthetic paint sealant with gloss and depth that closely matches the look of a carnauba wax. Since total car care and protection involves more than just the paint, Four Star offers an entire collection of surface-friendly products that clean and protect all automotive surfaces for simple, total car care.


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