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Auto Detailing Brushes

Auto Detailing Brushes are an essential tool for any professional car detailer. Car detailing brushes help in easy cleaning experience in removing small contaminants, stains, dust, grease, grime, etc. from both vehicle exterior & interior. Car wheel detailing requires chemical resistant brushes and we have best quality car wheel brushes.

We have best quality car care brushes designed for specific car cleaning purposes. The shape of the brush handle, bristle types, size of the brush etc are designed to ensure safe and best cleaning experience in your car detailing process. Check out our different brushes under detailing tools.

Special tyre brushes are designed for car exteriors such as wheel & tyre brushes for cleaning car tyres. Wheel brushes and lug-nut brushes can cover the entire areas of car wheels. We have special brushes for cleaning front grills, and soft interior brushes for cleaning every corners of car interiors  such as ac vents and leather & fabric seats, door jams etc.


Quick Detailer

Collinite MISTER COLLINS P.H.D. Auto Quick Detailer