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Car Wash Shampoos

Washing your car and bike with car wash shampoo regularly helps to remove all the surface contaminants which can affect paint surface and damage it eventually, such as dust, dirt, bugs, road salt and iron particles.

Without using proper techniques, tools and process, the car cleaning and car washing can inflict swirl marks on car paint surface. We have the best collection of car washing chemicals like pH-neutral mild car shampoos for indian customers.

Normal auto wash shampoos are used with two-bucket method of car washing whereas snow foam car shampoos are generally used with pressure washers and foam guns. Please check our car wash guide to know more about car washing techniques.

GreenZ Affiliation

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We appreciate your support, once you complete 6 months of your first purchase and completed order worth INR 9,500, and able to order products worth INR 2,000 in every six months, then you are eligible to get your account upgraded to Loyal Customer.

If you are having a detailing business and already purchased products worth INR 5,000 and can make a monthly minimum order of INR 5,000, you can become our detailer customer.

GreenZ Car Care affiliation program is created for professional car detailers who want to upgrade themselves and join our team. This program is designed  with a focus on providing car detailing training including necessary product knowledge and technical & process support to ensure service quality and business success.

We support our affiliates by providing business referrals, periodic training and product/process upgrades, branding and marketing support etc.