Car Detailing

Car Detailing

Car detailing is the art of restoring a vehicle to it’s factory condition. Auto detailing is a long-process that involves cleaning and reconditioning of both interior and exterior of the car. The aim of this is to restore the paintwork by removing paint defects such as scratches,  swirl marks, oxidations etc  to make the car look brand new. Many wrongly understood that auto detailing is all about ceramic coating. In fact, ceramic coating is just an option in the protection stage of the vehicle detailing process.

Car Detailing Process

The auto detailing process includes various steps, these detailing steps can be grouped into four steps. This categorisation helps you to group the detailing steps without confusing and miss any of the steps in auto detailing process. The order of the detailing steps needs to be followed to avoid any confusion and possible misses.

Step 1 – Cleaning & Decontamination

Car washing & cleaning is the first step of the car detailing process to clean the car from any dirt, stains and other surface contaminants like brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust etc which can damage car surface.

A daily-driven car is exposed to the elements, air-borne pollutants are landing on the car; fallout, overspray, iron (ferrous) metal, bugs, tar, road film, tree sap and others, bonding to the paintwork and leaving it looking dull and feeling like sand paper. These nasties are called as contaminants and the process of this occurring as contamination.

WHEELS & TIRES: The wheels & tire cleaning also includes decontamination of brake dust, iron deposit & tar using specific cleaners like Gyeon Q2M IRON and Gyeon Q2M TAR which are body safe and not only cleans but also restores the lost look. This process ensures your ride’s wheels are free from any iron contamination and break-dust, presence of which otherwise can corrode and damage the alloy wheels.

SALT & MINERAL DEPOSIT REMOVAL, LOGO CLEANING: All the dirt, salt and mineral deposits are removed from the body, especially from the logo using special body safe chemicals & special brushes.

CAR WASH: The body is thoroughly washed using PH-neutral shampoo like Gyeon Q2M Bathe that’s safe on paints and coating, and will be dried using the waffle weave towel which will ensure no further streaks are induced on the paint surface.

TAR DECONTAMINATION: Vehicles usually collect large amounts of tar and asphalt contamination during daily use, these tar spots will be removed using Gyeon Q2M TAR.

CLAYING: After washing the car thoroughly to get rid of the surface contaminants, it will be later clayed using Gyeon Q2M Clay to remove any further contaminants that are bonded with the paint and were not able to get removed by washing.

After this process, you ride will be completely free from any contaminants & dirt.

STEP 2 – Paint Correction


The paint defects can be removed by polishing the paint surface using right compounds and pads on a DualAction (DA) polishing machine or a rotary polisher.

We have our own compounds, polishes and pads which are manufactured in Germany to correct the paint surface. We use GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 with GreenZ Denim Pad to remove orange peel and deep scratches. To remove  Severe scratches, we use GreenZ XtremeCut Compound 350 along with our GreenZ Hybrid White Heavy Cutting Foam Pad.

Then use GreenZ Heavy Cut Compound 600 with our GreenZ Hybrid Orange Medium Cutting Foam Pad to remove swrils and minor and medium scratches.
Finaly use our GreenZ UltraFinish Polish 4500 and GreenZ Hybrid Black Finishing Foam Pad on a DA polisher which will bring mirror finish for the paint surface.

Unlike our competitions, the excellent combination of our compounds and pads enable us to use two-step correction in most of the situations and save a lots of clear coat on our customers cars.

STEP 3 –  Protection

The car surface should be sealed after the correction stage from any further abuse. Every surface of the car can be protected using special products.

PAINT PROTECTION: The paint would be protected with car waxes, ceramic coating or PPF (Paint Protection Film).

TIRE DRESSING: The cleaned tires are dressed with water-based dresser which restores the shine and safeguards the rubber from cracking.

You can also choose our Tyre coating – Gyeon Q2 TIRE which can last 2-3 months as an add-on service if you want more durability and protection for the tyres.

EXTERIOR PLASTICS CLEANED & DRESSED: The exterior plastics are cleaned using specific plastic cleaners and later dressed with water based dresser which restores the shine and safeguards the plastic from UV rays.

We have plastic restoration product – Gyeon Q2 TRIM, which can restore the faded-plastic and protect it for more than 12 months as an add-on service.

CHROME & METAL SURFACES CLEANED AND POLISHED: All the chrome and metal surfaces are treated with metal polish like Wenol to clean and restore the gloss.

GreenZ Car Care is India’s first and largest premium car care brand, we introduced ceramic coatings first time in India. We have best car detailing products for Indian auto detailers.

Please check our car care guide to know more about car care.


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