WORK STUFF Handy Leather Brush


Handy Leather Brush – leather upholstery professional brush!

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Handy Leather Brush – leather upholstery professional brush!

Main features:

  • Coated grip made from beech
  • Woody Ergonomic shape grip for easy handle
  • Properly chosen blend of bristles (30% natural 70% synthetic)
  • Extremely durable


Handy Leather Brush is easy to work brush thanks to special grip gouging. The bristles blend was chosen to be efficient and delicate at one time for leather.



Work stuff brand - car detailing accessories and utensils

Established in Poland in 2017

Detailing Professional at heart and having searched the entire market for quality detailing products, he ended his search soon after and decided to make his own brand and provide the detailing industry with high quality detailing products made in Poland.

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