Triumph Gyeonified using Prime | Premium Motor Cycle Detailing Mumbai, India

Our affiliated detailer from Mumbai, OCD Detail Studio applied Gyeon Q2 Prime on this Triumph Speed Triple. Application Details: Washed with Gyeon Q2M Bathe, iron & tar decontaminated using Gyeon Q2M Iron and Gyeon Q2M Tar along with Gyeon Q2M Clay. Done the following steps: – Deep cleaning using APC and degreaser.– Iron decontamination using Gyeon Q2M Iron– Tar decontamination using […]

Harley Davidson Gyeonified with Prime | Harley Davidson Motorcycle Detailing India

Our motorcycle detailing specialist from Mumbai OCD Detail Studio,  offered special treatment for Harley Davidson motorbikes. The treatment details – The entire under-body, swing arm, engine and under-tail of the bike were cleaned thoroughly using strong shampoo and degreasers. – Rims were cleaned using special wheel cleaners to dissolve and clean road grime and brake-dust. […]