Our 4 Steps Designed To Improve Your Car Care Experience



Washing & Cleaning is the first step of your car care or car detailing process. Wash car using conventional two-bucket method using regular car shampoo. Or use a pressure washer for foam-wash. Iron & tar decontamination is essential along with claying to remove surface contaminants. Automotive cleaning is simple but an important step in car detailing.

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Scratches & swirls on the car surfaces are like wrinkles on human skin and is a sign of ageing. Removal of such defects from your ride is the most crucial part of car care. Paint correction is all about removing these defects from paint surfaces. We designed GreenZ Two-step Polishing System for the best result in less time & effort.

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Preserve the finish of your car after the polishing step of the car detailing by sealing it using any protection. We have carnauba-based natural waxes, sealants and durable & hardest glass coating to choose. Ceramic coating can protect external plastic parts from UV rays from fading. Our temperature resistant metal coatings can protect metal parts.

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A good wash & protect shampoo or using a maintenance sealant can endure the protection on your car. Improper tools & techniques can induce swirls on your car paint. So always choose right maintenance products. We have a good range of ph-neutral shampoos and safe microfiber towels.

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