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Car Polishing Machines

We have top quality car polishing machines from premium brands like Rupes,  Flex Tools etc. Machine polishers can be used to correct a very heavily deteriorated finish or just as a tool to make a detailing job easier. Choose the right paint buffing machine that fits your needs. Whether you are a weekend care care warrior, a novice, or a professional detailer, we offer mechanical paint buffers to fit your level of experience and help you accomplish desired results.

Polishing machines are mainly into two categories such as Rotary Polishers and Dual Action (DA) Polishing Machines.

Rotary Polishers could correct paint defects quickly and the polisher head connects directly to the drive mechanism, causing the head to spin in a circular motion. During the polishing lots of heat will be generated and untrained hands might pose a significant risk of ‘burning’ through the paintwork. For severe defects or scratch-resistant clearcoats, rotary polishers are able to eliminate defects faster and more effectively than a standard Dual Action polisher.

Dual Action (DA) Polishing Machines are also known as random orbital polishers and are safer to use compared to rotary machines and perfect option for DIY car care enthusiasts.

The Dual Action polishers use a double motion for polishing. The backing plate spin in a circular motion around its axle, it has an off-center connection that makes the backing plates “wobble”. This creates very small circular motions while rotating on its axle and prevents excess heat build-up on the surface, minimising the risk of burning through the paintwork.


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